Now you probably know what calisthenics is but just to be sure, we are here to explain. Calisthenics is one of the many ways to gain muscle fast which prompts you to build muscle without weights and increase your fitness through intense exercises. Calisthenics is more performance oriented rather than physique oriented but the physique you achieve through calisthenics is outstanding because it is a mixture of both athleticism and flexibility. The massive physique you achieved through calisthenics workout plan is often described as the most beautiful physique if you are into chiseled abdominal muscles and shredded quadriceps and so much more.

Without further ado, here are some of the basic calisthenic exercises which you can easily start doing:


Pushups are the most basic workout that everyone knows about but what they don’t know is the more they do pushups, the stronger they become for even more intense forms of workouts. Calisthenics is about improvement which is why your pushup game should increase with every day you workout. Starting off at a not so comfortable but doable number of repetitions, go up the ladder by performing more and more repetitions every day. Did I mention that there are also many different forms of push ups? Well, there are a lot of complicated pushups which if you are not capable of doing the basic push ups, you won’t be able to achieve.


Doing pull-ups is hard at first because you may not be familiar with your weight. There are two basic pull-up exercises which you should do, the first is the basic pullup and do as many reps as possible going up every day you do the workout and the next basic exercise you can do is to actually hold while on the pull-up bar. This allows your body to get familiar with your weight as to strengthening you and improving your ability to do even more pull-ups which later on result to a more intensive form of pull-ups. There may still be many ways to gain muscle fast out there but calisthenics is by far the most challenging way to build muscles without weights.


Although one of the most common ways to gain muscle fast, planking is always a good way to start or end every workout and you can always do so much and have a little fun with planking. For instance, if you are with a partner, you can play games while planking. You can even listen to music and finish an entire song while planking. There are so many things to do while you are planking that it might just be one of the most entertaining exercises there is which allows you to build muscles without weights.


Sprinting or basically intense cardio is normal for people who do calisthenics as it is sort of a requirement to have the high stamina or high endurance to be able to handle massive intensive exercises. Sprinting also strengthens the body compared to just the regular jogging. Sprinting allows you to solidify your body, burn fat, and also increase your lung capacity all at the same time! Sprinting may be hard at first, but push yourself every time!