Dissertation Editing in 7 Simple Steps

Dissertation writing is undoubtedly stressful. It may feel like a never-ending task for many UK students. A college student has to
undergo heaps of academic pressure, and the biggest irksome thing is writing a dissertation. Even if you make an audacious attempt
to write your thesis, it is vital to thoroughly check the formatting, grammar, spelling and ensure all guidelines are duly
followed. Before starting the editing process, congratulate yourself on completing one of the most daunting tasks of your student
life. Start your dissertation editing by following the below mentioned steps to bring out an impeccable thesis.

1.Give a Dose of Relaxation to Your Mind

You have just completed your lengthy writing, so take some time off from writing and editing: Don’t rush to start the editing
process. Take a break so that you can begin with a fresh mind to edit your thesis in a better way.

2.Read Your Dissertation Meticulously

While writing the thesis, you may be in a hurry, and end up making various silly grammatical & typographical errors. Reading your
dissertation again will help you find these mistakes and rectify them in time.

3.Grammar Check

To take out the grammatical errors, read out the text loudly. Many times, you may end up using repeated words or make silly grammar
mistakes while scribbling the assignment. You must also check weather you have used relevant words or not in your thesis.

4.Detect Spelling Mistakes

Embarrassing errors could happen like you may want to write ‘Them’ but you end up writing ‘The’ and your spell check software will
not capture this mistake. Never rely on the spell check software and read each written word carefully. Whenever you capture a
mistake, correct it immediately.

5.Check the Formatting Style Guidelines

The formatting style guideline may vary, so do not lose out marks on this matter. Your dissertation could be rejected if it doesn’t
meet the guidelines given by your University professor. If you get stuck in between, then talking to the professor is highly

6.Get an Intelligent Reader

If you want to seek an astute opinion on your dissertation, you can contact any knowledgeable person from your acquaintances to
read your thesis once. In this way, you can understand the quality of your thesis. Getting suggestions and opinions will enable you
to make ameliorations in your dissertation.

7. Time for Submission

Incorporate all the changes & submit your thesis to your professor. Before submitting the dissertation, do not forget to reward
yourself as completing a dissertation is not a cakewalk. You indeed deserve a big round of applause!

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