Interior Blinds

Choose innovative internal blinds for energy efficiency and ease of use! These modern, attractive window treatments allow the user to control the amount of light or heat entering the room from the outside by the innovative way the blinds are actually imbedded within the window unit itself.

Internal blinds are secured between two panes of glass, thus shading the room where they are located from the bright sun. Made from a patented design, these unique windows can be raised, tilted or lowered. Because they are a part of the window, internal blinds ensure privacy as they let in light when it is desired.

These functional and practical internal day and night blinds also afford a measure of security, as the window is made up of two panes of glass with the blinds between the panes; therefore, it is more difficult to break in through the windows containing internal blinds.

Available in a number of styles, internal blinds even come in sliding glass and patio doors as well as in regular window shapes and styles. They are available in most standard sizes, and may be bought from the major commercial window sellers. They also are available in a limited variety of standard colors for convenience, depending on the individual supplier.

Some models of these blinds even qualify with Energy Star ratings. This important rating enables the window buyers to list the price of the windows on their income taxes and to take a deduction as allowed by federal tax law because of the energy saving features associated with these windows.